war and peace?


this picture is crazy. i had totally forgotten about it. also, it kind of
goes with this one:


Cookies that have cake texture are gross!

Yesterday was full of activities. Class, stuffed roosters, isolation rooms, gallery openings, stolen chocolate chips, the king of hearts, pimsleur.

And I even did some things that I was supposed to do. That is good. Maybe I'll do the same today! I need to read 260 pages of War and Peace. But that's fun . . . ish.

Bathroom time! I was NOT nice to my stomach last night.


today i cut part of my leg off. with scissors.

see? look how the skin flap opens up with very little prodding!

fortunately, jesus was there to help me, as HE always is. or so i'm told.

in other news, my bike needs a name! suggestions?

PS - does anyone know how to get blood out of carpets?


today is spiky.


My mind is full of strange images today.

First, this morning I had the craziest dream of LIFE. Or at least a weird one. I think my brain
was responding to a conversation I with Phi last night about dreams. It was all like, "Fuck you,
I can think up crazy-ass, abstract dreams about puppet children and Liza Minnelli and make
them cinematic."

In fact, that dream was so strange I had to sleep an extra hour to properly appreciate it.

Which meant that all my buses had come and gone, and I was presented the opportunity of
making a 35 minute bike ride only take twenty. But it was a beautiful morning and THAT'S

My second round of strange images came from the movie we watched in class -- Kurosawa's
Dersu Uzala -- which summed up all the things I hate about civilization. God it was a
depressing movie. And really good.

And now I just finished Thelma and Louise, and that was really goddamn sad too. I . . .

I have more to say about all three of those, but it's not on the tip of my fingers right now. I'll
have to give it some time.

Wow. Crazy day.

oh portland.



perturbed is now officially
on my list of words to say more often.



aww! poor t-rex and utahraptor! will their relationship never work out?


well, i suppose before i blow it up i should practice taking
scale pictures. for this one, i put it on a white box and then took
out the white in photoshop, so that's its real shadow (even
though it looks crappy.) i'll have to work on the depth of
field thing too.
this is going to be hard.


does anyone know where i can get an M80?
this model needs to meet its fate (and it's only been extant for an hour!)


I dreamt that I was helping film a documentary about Mt St Helens. I really like dreams and all their little details that have no right to exist.

Mt St Helens looked a lot more like Crater Lake in my dream. It was filled with water and I remember having a conversation with someone about how the trees must have to grow all funny to stay put on the basalt-column walls. But, there weren't that many trees. It was mostly like a big eighty-degree lawn. With wildflowers. And basalt around the very top edge.

Part of the lip of the crater was an overhang - the part closest to the dome that was steaming towards one edge of the lake. Anyway, it was weird. I tried to draw it just now, and realized how epic the scale was. Much bigger than Crater Lake.

Hah! Crater is such a cute little word. It is very close to critter and the end is so abrupt - not crahtohr, but crayt'r. It's almost one syllable. "Crater Critter" would be the name of a kinda annoying emo-pop band.

Oh I forgot to say - the dome that was in the lake was beautiful (in the dream we ran /fell down the wall of the crater and took a ferry to the lava dome). It was black and crystalline and just big enough for a few people to stand on, but we could see it reaching far blow the surface of the water.

In other news, I am quite enamored of Khaela Maricich and Kevin Barnes. The former more than the latter.


i spent the day altering this pair of jeans. what did you do today?

i can't get anything in order in my head.

my desk is getting dusty. what does one do with such an expanse of dust?

at least i have all my lens caps. life is more complete when all my lenses are protected.

i also have $100 for the next three months. living is fucking expensive - i have $1000 in my bank, but $900 of that is going to rent and utilities for this month and the next two. shit. i suppose i won't get any groceries this month. but i've got a lot in the cupboard, so that's okay.

and i've got stew!

and none of this is what i want to talk about.

"do you wanna stay in bed all day?" "yeah!"
"do you remember feeling any other way?" "no!"


cary's hanging in there


Walk signal is on to cross
"Takwitz" Canyon Way


. . . and my room.


all i take pictures of anymore
is myself.

. . . and my food.

It is morning time. I am home from a party. WAIT! Have I sent my family this link?! Damn it the secret is out.


Tonight I danced like never before. Hopefully Of Montreal will inspire the same? I was out with Emily, Emily, Elise (from Snohomish! Hurrah!), Alex and Victor (who both left early, so they hardly count).

The Vagablondes played, and they were jazzy and funky and awesome. As was dancing.

The rest of my day? NOT SO AWESOME.

Now, I will eat my grilled cheese sandwich and watch something sad. Maybe Fargo or City of Lost Children.

. Sigh



"and my thighs too?"