this is my (family's) dog, kukuxumusu.
she's heavy, and, in this picture, just out of the bath.


Such violent dreams lately. Maybe it isn't a good idea to watch Pan's Labyrinth and The Departed and read War and Peace in the same month. Concert tonight? Can I spare the $13? Yes.

Wait! No! I can't. Damn.

But . . . Ratatat. I'll check to see if it is sold out. That's a good first step.

Oh. It is sold out. Okay then. Well shit, now I'm all disappointed. Though I was looking forward to the company more than the show. Well. Since I'm not going to a concert, I can totally afford to go out to dinner tonight! Hurrah!

I'm off to make some phone calls.

Also! I'm not going to get to have my Honda. DAMMIT. I love that car, but Mom thinks that it is a "tin can" and that driving it is suicidal. well. I disagree. Completely. I love that car.

But, I cut the CD player out of it today, so the poor Honda is no longer an option. Taking out the stereo is the final step. Anyone want to buy a real nice parts car? We'll probably sell it for less than $200.


hot chip will break your legs.

all i can say, all i can do

I think that when I tell my brain to make certain dreams, it should listen to me more specifically. And not go around making crazy shit up.



I guess that that is what I get for being lazy all day.

The plan this morning was to get up around nine and meet Selena in the park for some enjoyment of the day, but then we went to a crap party last night and stayed way to late (it's okay though, because I saw two shooting stars while I was biking to the party!!). So this morning I was a bit drained - not because I had a hangover or anything, I didn't even get drunk the party was so crap - and I didn't wake up until eleven.

And then, I didn't leave my room until around five, despite plans to get out and do things this afternoon. Eventually, though, I got dressed and showered and went outside to catch the bus to meet my friends for dinner. Well. Despite standing at a bus stop and waving invitingly at the driver, she did not feel inclined to stop for me. So now I'm going to be even more late getting to dinner, I didn't get to see Selena, and I didn't go to superawesomefest, which is happening now.

Maybe tonight will make up for today?

If not, yesterday can stand in for today. Because I really liked yesterday.


what a wonderful, wonderful day!


(elven days later) i totally fixed this picture.
but the problem remains:
why must there be goodbyes? and lingering reminders?

Being sick messes with your mind.

A month or two ago, I pre-ordered the super deluxe edition of Arcade Fire's latest album and yesterday it arrived in my mailbox. I was quite excited, but also angry at myself for having spent a portion of my rarefied money resources on such a luxury. Having forgotten the cost of the album, when I opened the package I decided that I really didn't want to know how many trips to the co-op I had spent on this CD. So I pulled out the receipt and headed for the recycle bin.

Well, I'm not famed for having a will of iron, and of course I glanced at the "Total" box before I could dispose of the paper. I saw "$56.93" and remembered why I had applied a little selective amnesia to the details of this transaction!

This afternoon, I was listening to the CD and thinking "This is alright, but it's not-sixty dollars-good." And then I though, "What the fuck?" I ran over to my recycle bin and found not that very precise figure which had been there there yesterday, but instead a sum total of eighteen dollars.


i woke up so sick this morning.
sick enough not to go to school tomorrow? one hopes.
gah i feel ill.


wow, i was going to post some stupid picture of a monkey, but this music video is amazing.

be careful though! this song has been stuck in my head for weeks, or at least a week.
which is fine.
i really like it.

. . . And if life is really as short as they say, then why is the night so long?

It occurs to me that vision is the least critical of our senses.

This may not stand up to much analysis - but I am thinking specifically of reading versus watching films.

So, perhaps, it had best be phrased as "our senses are less trustworthy than our intellect."

Hmm. That's a dangerous line of thought to start drawing.