today i cut part of my leg off. with scissors.

see? look how the skin flap opens up with very little prodding!

fortunately, jesus was there to help me, as HE always is. or so i'm told.

in other news, my bike needs a name! suggestions?

PS - does anyone know how to get blood out of carpets?


Anonymous said...

Boomer, Booga, Crash...Jet, Tank!...Gills...Tag, Tattoo, Mint, Chalk, Shrimp...Jam, Ink...Bazooka, Dough, Puddin...uhm Plum...uhm, Im out! Im out of ideas...Hopefully...that probably wasnt helpful at all.

Anonymous said...

Oh p.s.
was it really necessary to put a pen in it? but yeah cool!

Anonymous said...

i hear a douse of hydrogen peroxide followed by a douse of white vinegar could do some good.

or not.

i have some blood to get out of my sheets.

so when are we going to make out?