My mind is full of strange images today.

First, this morning I had the craziest dream of LIFE. Or at least a weird one. I think my brain
was responding to a conversation I with Phi last night about dreams. It was all like, "Fuck you,
I can think up crazy-ass, abstract dreams about puppet children and Liza Minnelli and make
them cinematic."

In fact, that dream was so strange I had to sleep an extra hour to properly appreciate it.

Which meant that all my buses had come and gone, and I was presented the opportunity of
making a 35 minute bike ride only take twenty. But it was a beautiful morning and THAT'S

My second round of strange images came from the movie we watched in class -- Kurosawa's
Dersu Uzala -- which summed up all the things I hate about civilization. God it was a
depressing movie. And really good.

And now I just finished Thelma and Louise, and that was really goddamn sad too. I . . .

I have more to say about all three of those, but it's not on the tip of my fingers right now. I'll
have to give it some time.

Wow. Crazy day.

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