I dreamt that I was helping film a documentary about Mt St Helens. I really like dreams and all their little details that have no right to exist.

Mt St Helens looked a lot more like Crater Lake in my dream. It was filled with water and I remember having a conversation with someone about how the trees must have to grow all funny to stay put on the basalt-column walls. But, there weren't that many trees. It was mostly like a big eighty-degree lawn. With wildflowers. And basalt around the very top edge.

Part of the lip of the crater was an overhang - the part closest to the dome that was steaming towards one edge of the lake. Anyway, it was weird. I tried to draw it just now, and realized how epic the scale was. Much bigger than Crater Lake.

Hah! Crater is such a cute little word. It is very close to critter and the end is so abrupt - not crahtohr, but crayt'r. It's almost one syllable. "Crater Critter" would be the name of a kinda annoying emo-pop band.

Oh I forgot to say - the dome that was in the lake was beautiful (in the dream we ran /fell down the wall of the crater and took a ferry to the lava dome). It was black and crystalline and just big enough for a few people to stand on, but we could see it reaching far blow the surface of the water.

In other news, I am quite enamored of Khaela Maricich and Kevin Barnes. The former more than the latter.

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