this picture is crazy. i had totally forgotten about it. also, it kind of
goes with this one:


Barbara J said...

I'm Jeannie, Josh's friend. Sometimes when I leave him comments I see your name and end up here. The internet just sucks you down a vortex of links when you're bored. Anyway, I feel creepy looking at your wonderful pictures without your knowing.

So, I'd like to introduce myself: I'm Jeannie, hope to meet you for real someday.

Beck Nelson said...

Hi Jeannie! It is wonderful to virtual-meet you! I am glad that the internet maelstrom brought you to my blogthing - please look at it without any feelings of creepiness.

PS - I really like how you spell your name.

Phi said...

you're right. that's crazy how they mirror. the second picture..? what is going on with that part at the top?