monsters lurking outside,
this is no place to hide


    I once
           believed you were my Saviour,
   But now
           you're nothing but a traitor.
 And still
           I wait for your return.
           I get the feeling I have waited my whole lifetime
                                                             in vain.
                                   A lot to lose and nothing
                                                             to gain.
           To gain.

Oh Menomena. So dramatic.


and the leaves are brown and they're falling down and the summer's gone

This is what I've been working on. It is beautiful and coloring things in that way?
Not easy.
Actually, this is fifteen hours worth of work.



This is my last night with internet access for months and months! Here are some pictures to mark the occasion.

I took apart my room

Emptied it, even

Hmm. This must have been before that.

That's Kira's Inga to the left, and my big blue truck to the right.

This is where I am moving! It is pretty amazing and I'll have better pictures as soon as I figure out how I'm going to keep this page updated.