well, i suppose before i blow it up i should practice taking
scale pictures. for this one, i put it on a white box and then took
out the white in photoshop, so that's its real shadow (even
though it looks crappy.) i'll have to work on the depth of
field thing too.
this is going to be hard.


Phi said...

looks pretty good, but... there's just -something- i can't quite place... maybe you should ask kira to take a look? she might be useful with perspective issues.

maybe the helicopter is too evenly in focus?

Beck Nelson said...

nah. it's the pavement. the ground it is touching isn't focused. also the tail should be smaller - recede more into the distance.

Anonymous said...

i did a few prints today! i wasn't going to but then i developed the film and HAD to print some. also, one of the lab aides recognized you. and i told her how i want to marry your whole family, even moo shu.