Being sick messes with your mind.

A month or two ago, I pre-ordered the super deluxe edition of Arcade Fire's latest album and yesterday it arrived in my mailbox. I was quite excited, but also angry at myself for having spent a portion of my rarefied money resources on such a luxury. Having forgotten the cost of the album, when I opened the package I decided that I really didn't want to know how many trips to the co-op I had spent on this CD. So I pulled out the receipt and headed for the recycle bin.

Well, I'm not famed for having a will of iron, and of course I glanced at the "Total" box before I could dispose of the paper. I saw "$56.93" and remembered why I had applied a little selective amnesia to the details of this transaction!

This afternoon, I was listening to the CD and thinking "This is alright, but it's not-sixty dollars-good." And then I though, "What the fuck?" I ran over to my recycle bin and found not that very precise figure which had been there there yesterday, but instead a sum total of eighteen dollars.

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