Such violent dreams lately. Maybe it isn't a good idea to watch Pan's Labyrinth and The Departed and read War and Peace in the same month. Concert tonight? Can I spare the $13? Yes.

Wait! No! I can't. Damn.

But . . . Ratatat. I'll check to see if it is sold out. That's a good first step.

Oh. It is sold out. Okay then. Well shit, now I'm all disappointed. Though I was looking forward to the company more than the show. Well. Since I'm not going to a concert, I can totally afford to go out to dinner tonight! Hurrah!

I'm off to make some phone calls.

Also! I'm not going to get to have my Honda. DAMMIT. I love that car, but Mom thinks that it is a "tin can" and that driving it is suicidal. well. I disagree. Completely. I love that car.

But, I cut the CD player out of it today, so the poor Honda is no longer an option. Taking out the stereo is the final step. Anyone want to buy a real nice parts car? We'll probably sell it for less than $200.


Brent said...

Yes i want to buy it. I will take pictures of it in places it doesn't belong. Like one top of roofs, in restaruants, at the bottom of a pond, in a tree, next to the washing machine, on the computer.

Brent said...

Oh I'm pretty sure I saw you in on the island of Morano in Venice. It was at a restaraunt that served good seafood. I haven't seen you but I'm pretty sure it's what you look like.