I guess that that is what I get for being lazy all day.

The plan this morning was to get up around nine and meet Selena in the park for some enjoyment of the day, but then we went to a crap party last night and stayed way to late (it's okay though, because I saw two shooting stars while I was biking to the party!!). So this morning I was a bit drained - not because I had a hangover or anything, I didn't even get drunk the party was so crap - and I didn't wake up until eleven.

And then, I didn't leave my room until around five, despite plans to get out and do things this afternoon. Eventually, though, I got dressed and showered and went outside to catch the bus to meet my friends for dinner. Well. Despite standing at a bus stop and waving invitingly at the driver, she did not feel inclined to stop for me. So now I'm going to be even more late getting to dinner, I didn't get to see Selena, and I didn't go to superawesomefest, which is happening now.

Maybe tonight will make up for today?

If not, yesterday can stand in for today. Because I really liked yesterday.

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